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Real Crystal Mala Beads

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Psychic Readings

Includes tarot readings, pendulum readings, channeled messages, mediumship, and oracle readings

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Star Child Psychic

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What Should I Expect?

When I got a psychic reading for the first time, it changed my life. I want to provide the same experience for you.

To me, I wouldn't be doing you a service if I provided just a few sentences for a one question reading.  I make sure that you will receive at least one page in Times New Roman or Georgia font, size 13, in a PDF document to your personal email.

Tarot readings are usually half a page to one page per card. I include a picture of your spread along with the meaning of the tarot cards and my psychic interpretation of them. 

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About Me

I have been doing psychic readings for the public since 2017. I mostly do online readings, but I will occasionally do readings for people at parties.  

I have been sensitive since I was born. I thought that everyone was sensitive to energies and ghosts like me, but I realized I was wrong at the age of 14. I channeled dead people/other beings since I was a teenager. 
I started practicing witchcraft at the age of 16, and buddhism at the age of 17. I do not and have never cast curses or hexes on anyone, and my craft consists of ethical supplies. I focus my gifts on healing and to give you the truth, no matter how painful it can be. 

I have been under psychological testing to make sure I was/am not experiencing an underlying mental illness. I even got an MRI and a CAT scan of my brain. There are no abnormalities, and I do not have a mental illness that causes delusions or hallucinations. 

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