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5 question Yes or No Pendulum Reading

5 question Yes or No Pendulum Reading

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I will be using a Stonehenge bluestone to answer your questions with the pendulum. 
I do my pendulum readings very simply. They can mean different things from different people, but I will tell you the basic rule of thumb.

1. Pendulums swing clockwise or counterclockwise whenever one asks a yes or no question. Clockwise is yes, and counter clockwise is no.

2. Sometimes the pendulum will swing in an exaggerated circle, meaning whatever it is you are asking means “strong yes” or “strong no”.

3. The latter is exactly what you would think; Meaning your pendulum is barely moving in a circle, this being a weak yes or a weak no.

4. Yes means yes, of course, and no means no.

5. But what does “neutral” mean? Neutral, to me, means you are not supposed to know. There is no spiritual energy or force around to swing the pendulum. The pendulum either does not move, or it swings in a straight line.

I will provide a little bit of context, but because this reading is so small, I will not be putting it in a PDF file, and I will sent it in an email instead. I look forward to reading you!

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