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Where Is Your Soul From?

Where Is Your Soul From?

Are you a starseed? Take the quiz below to find out if you qualify for this reading! 
I will be diving into what kind of galactic family you belong to, or I will explain extra-dimensional lives on earth that I have picked up for you instead. I will send your reading (2+pages) in a PDF to your email. 


Are you a starseed? If you answer yes to 5 or more of these questions, you're a candidate for this reading!

-I never felt like I really fit in, as if everyone around me, including my family, doesn't quite understand or see the world the way I do. 
-Babies are unusually interested in me
-Electrical problems happen around me (flashing lights, things stop/start working all of a sudden) 
-I have a deep concern for the well-being of the world
-I have a desire to do something to help humanity 
- I think I have psychic abilities
-I am interested in witchcraft or spirituality in general 
-I connect with animals better than people
-I have had more than a few paranormal experiences 
-I am a little socially awkward 
-Cruelty and injustice deeply disturb me, sometimes to the point of needing an internet break
-I am a lightworker/healer
-I believe in freedom for all to choose what they want to do in life
-I had repeating trauma or a bad childhood 
-I have seen UFOs and/or have had spiritual experiences
-I believe I am intelligent and/or I have a photographic memory 
-I want to go home, but I am not sure where home is
-I have telekinetic powers
-I have telepathic abilities 
-Stargazing makes me sad or inspired
-I get spiritual downloads
-I have seen aliens in person
-I can see right through people, they can't fool me 
-I am a lover and not a fighter
-I want everyone to get along
-I am open/receptive to every opinion/side, understanding that "sides" are a limited construct 
-I am interested in conspiracy theories 
-I prefer holistic health and natural approaches
-I am a vegetarian/vegan and/or I prefer organic food 
-I am sensitive to chemicals
-I am concerned about pollutants such as trash/pesticides/microplastics 
-I am fascinated by ancient civilizations 
-I am "awake"/redpilled/blackpilled/aware of corruption 
-I am very sensitive 
-I have a deep connection with nature
-I was/am the black sheep 
-Labels don't apply to me, I know I am a spirit in a body 
-I feel like I am a starseed 

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