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Astral Travel

Astral Travel

This mala is filled with high vibration stones that help one reach a high vibrational consciousness in order to astral travel safely. 
This mala consists of selenite, iolite, astrophyllite, green fluorite, rainbow moonstone, milky moonstone, azurite, clear quartz, aquamarine and blue lace agate. 

This combination of crystals creates a calming sensation while maintaining a high vibration. Sometimes one can get anxious and dizzy when one is not ready for such powerful crystals, which is why I added a substantial amount of aquamarine. Aquamarine vibrates with the angelic realm, but it has a calming sensation that can ground you during astral travel. You can also use this mala during remote viewing. 
This mala is good for connecting to the angelic realm and harnessing the energy of God/Source energy. 
Because it has so much fluorite, extraterrestrial and interdimensional communication while meditating is easier. 

The mala cord will stretch slightly over time, creating a gap between the beads. This is traditionally used to count the beads during meditation. 

I do not recommend putting this in water. Clean with a damp towel and pat dry immediately. Do not hang to dry to not stretch the mala cord further. 

I will gently clean these beads before sending them to you. 


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