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Chakra Scan

Chakra Scan

For this reading, I will be scanning your chakras to see which ones are active, overactive, or under active. Chakras dictate our mood, health, and well being. I will explain how to activate or calm down your chakras depending on what I see. I will explain the symptoms of your chakra issues, and give you solutions to remedy them. I will send your reading in a PDF to your email.

Here is a list that will determine if this reading is right for you:

-You want to activate or control your psychic abilities

-You feel stuck emotionally and/or energetically

-You feel blockages within your body

-Sleep issues/fatigue

-Self esteem issues

-Feeling chaotic or out of control

-Social awkwardness/fear of public speaking

-Unexplainable health issues


-Panic attacks/anxiety

-Unexplainable inability to focus

-Mental baggage/heartbreak

-A desire to better yourself energetically

Please note that I am not a doctor and will not diagnose or give out medical or mental health advice. I will tell you which chakras are blocked only which can exacerbate illness. Make sure to consult a trusted doctor or healer if you experience mental distress or physical illness.

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