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Empathic Protection

Empathic Protection

This combination of crystals have been put together to give you the strongest protection from others energies possible. This also includes spirits or unpleasant environments. Alone or with anyone else, these beads will help you feel grounded, and prevent any energy transference from any person, place, or thing. Don’t fear others putting negativity on you, or you putting any negativity on others.

Crystals include:

Amethyst: psychic protection, empathic protection, psychic enhancement, chronic pain reducer

Black onyx: psychic protection, absorbs and transmutes negative energy, repels negative energy from others/spirits

Charoite: humanitarian, empathic enhancement and protection

Purple fluorite: promotes clear headedness, psychic enhancement, celestial connection

Labradorite: psychic protection, psychic enhancement, soothing, anti anxiety

Note: this is not the full list of keywords for each crystal. I am adding the most relevant for this particular mala.

*for entertainment purposes only*

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