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Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

This is the second most in-depth option for exploring your past lives. If you want a 14 card tarot/psychic reading on past lives, go to my tarot spreads option. That reading will give you an in-depth description of your life, death, decisions, childhood, education, purpose, lessons learned, and how that life impacts you today. 
This past life reading is also very intricate, which means you will be receiving 3-5 pages in a PDF file to your personal email. This reading includes who you were, where you lived, what time period, how many lives you have had, when you became conscious, and details about your life. You can ask me if someone you know was present in a past life as well. The way I get information is I call upon your spirit guide. They almost always turn up, but in the rare cases that they don't, you will receive a full refund promptly. 
I look forward to reading you! 

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