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9+ Card Tarot Reading

9+ Card Tarot Reading

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-Which Job? 
This is quite a complex in depth nine card Tarot spread which looks at the factors involved when the querent is faced with a choice of two different jobs and is unsure which one to take.


This is a nine card Tarot spread that looks at the possibility of the querent getting back together with an ex-lover.


-Celtic Cross
 Apart from the three card or simple Tarot spreads, this ten card spread is probably the most often used spread in existence and has become a classic. Good for answering a specific question or giving a general reading in-depth.


This is a ten card Tarot spread that looks at the problems causing heartache within a relationship. It considers what needs to be done, whether the relationship will survive, and whether it is worth saving.


-Ongoing Relationship:
This is a ten card tarot spread that looks at the current state of the querent's current relationship and where it may be headed in the future.


-Partner As a Mirror:
This is a good ten card Tarot spread for looking at an existing relationship and considering whether there is room for improvement. It's good for looking at the weaknesses and strengths involved as well as the responsibilities each partner will need to acknowledge in order to make the most of the relationship.


-Tree of Life: 
This is a ten card Tarot spread which examines all of the major factors surrounding the querent's present situation. It looks at the spiritual, emotional, career, home and family circumstances as well as querent's responsibilities. It also considers obstacles and help.


-Which Love?:
This is a ten card Tarot spread that looks at two potential lovers. If the querent is already in love or in a relationship they don't need this spread. If the querent thinks they're in love with both then they're not in love with either and probably not ready for a relationship. This spread is for those occasions when a querent needs to make a decision which potential lover to spend time on.


This is an eleven card Tarot spread that looks at the compatibility of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the querent's relationship. In addition it considers how well the the two of you them can meet each other's wants and needs and whether happiness for each of them is possible.


-Mountains and Molehills:
This is a twelve card Tarot spread that looks at the major and minor challenges - the mountains and molehills - that face a querent. The reading considers the current or forthcoming major and minor aspects of the spiritual, emotional, and mental challenges being faced as well as any other challenge.


-You, Me, Us: 
This is a twelve card Tarot spread that looks at a relationship from the point of view of each partner as well as the relationship itself.


This is a twelve card Tarot spread that looks at the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life in the past, the present, the future, and why their interconnectedness is so important. It effectively provides a snapshot in time as to where the querent is in their current emotional, mental, and spiritual cycles today and where they are heading. In addition it looks at the current life lesson/cycle. 


-Annual (2021):
This is a slightly unusual thirteen Tarot spread in so much that it does not consider the past and present, but looks exclusively at the next 12 months. A thirteenth card is drawn as an overall feel for the year. 


-Mirror Mirror:
This is a fourteen card Tarot spread that looks at the wants and needs of both partners and helps to determine what needs to be done by each to improve their relationship. It also considers outside influences acting for and against each person.


-Past Life: 
This is a fourteen card spread which examines one of the querent's past lives in detail.


-Ready For Love?:
This is a fourteen card Tarot spread that looks at the various aspects of being ready for love. It is particularly suitable for those who have spent a long time looking and seem to be getting nowhere and are prepared to look at possible shortcomings they have in their approach to finding love and happiness.


This is a sixteen card Tarot spread that looks at all the main aspects of life and is particularly suitable for anyone who feels they are "stuck in a rut". The spread examines the state of each main area and considers whether anything can be done to improve the situation.

I will send you a picture of your spread along with a PDF of your reading to your personal email. 


    You are able to get a refund if you did not recieve your reading. Your reading is not returnable. 


    I will send you your reading in a PDF file to your personal email. These tarot spreads are longer, so it could take up to 3-5 business days. 

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